All three of the kids are way to comfortable in the water.


Wednesday night after work we headed out to cousins Rachel and Alex’s new house for an awesome lasagna dinner. After eating we changed into our suits and hit up their neighborhood pool.


It was really nice and a lot of fun.


The kids spent a lot of time jumping off the side since you can’t do that in our pool and Pumpkin learned that she can’t always touch the bottom like she can in our pool. After the pool we had some mellon and apple cinimon bread then headed out. We took Heath’s grandma to Lousiburg then rushed the kids home to bed. I did a little grochery shopping before I got to bed.

Last night we planned to do a hike and picknick with some friends but it was raining so we hung at our house instead.


We had a ton of food.


We ate a ton of food. Then the rain was really soft and the kids were restless so we went for a walk/ride.


Pumpkin and Peanut rode bikes, the little girls rode in the wagon and we walked.


We went to the wet park and slid down the wet slide, and bounced on the wet tetertoter and even splashed in puddles. Then we headed home and our friends left and we got the kids in bed. Heath and I were worn out from our week and our trip and headed to bed early too.









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