Happy Birthday Kentaro


And happy 2 days late birthday Matt.


So Friday right after work we picked up my grandparents and went to my brothers birthday party. Cake, pizza, pool and good beer.




It was a good time but really loud and busy for the kids and grandparents. Once we got home Heath got the girls started on the bedtime routine and Peanut and I loaded the canoe and some gear into the truck.

We headed out to the Little Blue river and got right after setting up before the sunlight was gone.


We paddled around and tied chunks of chicken livers on hooks to tree branches with bright orange string. We got 12 hooks in the water and then paddled over to a gravel bar and lit a little fire.


Just as we got it going Jon showed up and we paddled back out to check the lines. We caught 3 catfish.


We kept them all and cleaned them beside the fire.


We ended up with a nice bag of meat.


We rebaited and checked our lines a few more times and got 3 gar and 1 more small catfish. We decided to put the small catfish into our cooler and try to transplant him to our home fishtank. We loaded the canoe up and headed home.


We moved the catfish from the cooler to the little pond in front and went to bed. In the morning we did a lot of laundry and yard work and projects around the house. The fish was dead so we got rid of him, instead of moving. Jon’s family came over in the afternoon and we had a fish fry.




Everything turned out really tasty and we loaded our plates.


Heath and Peanut went to a card game with Heath’s grandma after we all sat around on the deck for a while and I got in the tub with the girls and then got them in bed.  I was pretty beat and just watched tv until bedtime.

In the morning we cooked up a big breakfast with some friends. It was really nice outside so we ate in the driveway and then started brewing some beer.


While the ingredients were cooking we played games with the kids.



We made an Oak Imperial Stout and I think it is going to be really good. The recipe had a ton of sugars so I expect a lot of alcohol.




In like 10 days I add some oak powder stuff but it already has a good flavor.  IMG_0419

We cleaned up and rested and watched movies and relaxed until dinner time. Then some friends came and cooked us Turkish food.

I don’t recall what anything was called but it all was great and different.

We had a really nice meal.

We visited some and got the kids in bed then Heath and I got to bed fairly early.


You may have noticed the new headers (pictures) at the top of the page. I hope to keep it updated more regularly now. I’ve also replaced the kids names with nicknames and don’t plan to use them anymore. If you are mentioned on the site and don’t want to be, it’s an easy fix just let me know what to use instead.










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