Who is ready for some blurry pictures?

So yesterday afternoon I got my press pass for a potential broadcast for the MLS All Star soccer game.

Along with the game are a bunch of events and last night was the media mixer. After work I picked up Grant from a friends house then the girls and then quickly cooked up a Mexican pizza and a beans and rice mixture. All of us were hungry and dinner was great and we got after it. Heath bathed all the kids and worked on preschool prep stuff with Izzy and had a productive night.

I went to a coworker friends house then we headed down to power and light. We parked several blocks away and walked into the crowds. The concert was free but you had to have gotten a free ticket. They gave out something like 3,000 more tickets then they had space for. So it was beyond full and lots of grumpy fans were hanging out outside with their tickets wanting to get in. We found the media tent and got our magic bracelets that got us past the crowd.

The opening act (some DJ) was going on already and he was getting the crowd excited.

Media and special guests were in the Shark Bar. We headed up and got a complimentary beer and started checking out the situation.

We got some great spots right along a railing that looked out over the crowd and stage. The area filled up and we stayed put to make sure we kept our spot. Some other people came and pumped up the crowd and stuff and then right on time at 9 the concert started.

Very early on he played the 3 songs I wanted to hear. They are the 3 in this cool video.

There was not a lot of spots in the bar where you could see the stage and some superfans were missing the show and we were not taking advantage of the free stuff so after Macklemore walked into the crowd and they held him upright…

…we left the spots and went to get some drinks. We also hit up the food. I got some snaky things and a pulled pork slider and a smoked pork tenderloin slider. We could not really hear or see the last 20-30 minutes of the concert. We got another drink once it ended and then left the media area and walked around people watching.

We thought the media area closed at 10 but we were wrong and went back in for more free stuff a few times before getting tired and calling it a night. I took home my friend, rushed home and hopped in bed.

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