Big Friday

Daycare is headed to the Circus today and this one is ready.

We have had a busy week and it continued for Heath last night. It was almost 7:00 before she got home. I picked up the girls and got a snack in them right after work. The house and especially the kitchen was a disaster so I got busy prepping dinner and cleaning. Once I had all the dishes done, the counters cleared and cleaned and dinner all ready and just needing to be warmed up I put swim suits on the girls and we headed outside.

The water was a bit cool and lots of leaves had fallen in. I towed Bean around in the inner-tube and she helped me scoop leaves while Pumpkin tried to canonball us with her jumps off the latter.

Once we had the pool cleaned up the girls were ready to get out and jump on the trampoline.

The mosquitoes were terrible in the pool and on the trampoline so we didn’t stay out long.

It was getting late and no dinner was getting to the girls so we headed in and I warmed things up. I got them eating while I got Heath and my plates. Heath got home just in time and we all sat down and ate and talked a while.

We had roast beef sandwiches and a carrot, cabbage potato mix but the corn on the cob was the crowd favorite.

After dinner Heath gave the girls baths and I cleaned up the dishes. We read books and told stories and the girls went to bed. Heath and I were pretty beat also so we just watched some Breaking Bad in bed and then went to sleep.


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