Cousin Grace’s Wedding

Friday Heath headed to a girls weekend at the lake. The rest of us met up w/ my Grandparents and mom and had an hour long skype session with my nun sister Carri. I took a couple of pictures but forgot them. We got to bed fairly early and in the morning Pumpkin, Bean and I hit the road to Springfield. We carpooled with Kelly, Drake, Mom and Mike. We had a few stops on the way.

Since we were going to Springfield we had to go to Lambert’s. While waiting the hour long wait we did a wine tasting next door.

Besides the wine they had juice for the kids and beer and moonshine to taste. I ended up buying a bottle of mead because I’ve thought about brewing it but was not sure what it would taste like.

After our tasting we went to check when it was our turn for lunch and they called our name. We were all pretty hungry and they started us out with some rolls.

Even pumpkin caught one. We also got some fried ocra before our lunches showed up.

We got a ton of food and ate till it hurt. Everything I tasted was great. Then we headed to the hotel and Heath had just gotten there from the lake and checked us in. We quickly baby wiped the kids down and stuck them in dresses. We got dressed up to and went to take family pictures.

After pictures we had 2 hours to kill so Pumpkin and I went to the pool and everyone else relaxed a bit. Then we put back on our fancy pants to go to the wedding.

The wedding was nice and not very long but Bean was in no mood to sit quietly so she waited out the end in the lobby. At the end we joined her and got bubbles.

To blow at the couple.

Then we headed to the reception.

The reception was nice but Drake was beat.

Pumpkin stole everyone’s cherry tomatoes at our table.

The kids danced and we all ate and visited and had a nice time. Pumpkin was really interested in dancing. When she could she was on the floor jumping around and when she could not she was watching cousin Grace.

She tried to catch the flowers but didn’t have the height.

Then we all did some dancing.

Bean was exhausted and when she was not dancing she was clapping.

The kids were just too tired to continue so we drove across the street to the hotel and got ready for bed. The kids slept good but coughed all night and kept Heath and I up.

I got up at 8:30 and everyone else slept in until 10. Once the girls were up I put them in the tub.

Then we quickly packed up the room and checked out. We got some coffee and yogurt and had a snack at a nearby park.

We played at the park a bit

Then drove back to Lambert’s. Heath didn’t want to miss out and we didn’t mind eating it two days in a row. The wait took longer this time but we had some fun playing outside waiting.

Once we got seated we got after the rolls.

The food was just as good if not better then the first day.

Saturday I had roast beef and Sunday I split pulled pork and chicken fried steak and I think the pulled pork sandwich was my favorite.

The rest of the day we just drove home and then relaxed and cleaned up and did laundry. Pumpkin was feeling sick and had a rough time sleeping but seemed okay this morning.







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