The End

Last night I decided to stay up and keep reading until I was done. I did it, I finished all 15 books, something like 12,000 pages of the Wheel of Time series. I believe I started it just before our Rocky Mountain’s trip last Labor day weekend and I finished it at about 11:20 last night.

You know it was a slow night when my post is about reading a book. We ate some rice and veggie stuff and some shrimp for dinner then Izzy and I spent some time cleaning out and playing in the pool while Heath and Lily went for a walk and talked to neighbors about a block party. Both the girls have been a bit sickly so we put them to bed early and then folded lots of laundry while watching Breaking Bad. Heath’s sister came over and they visited and I got busy reading.

Since I’m short on stories today I thought I talk more about reading. I do most of my reading on my cell phone and it is perfect. You should try it. My book is always with me without me carrying anything extra around and I can find my place in seconds. So if I have 5 minutes to kill I can read a few pages. It does not matter if it is well lit or dark I can see the screen and the text can be as big or small as I want. I am always flipping pages but that is really simple and helps to keep my place more precisely. I have dozens of books on my phone ready to go. I use an android app called epubReader that opens .epub files and I think all librarys have an app that lets you check out books on your phone and read or listen to them all right from the phone.

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