Pumpkin has really enjoyed watching our sunflower grow. It’s been getting taller and taller all the time and finally had bloomed when we got back from Springfield. I think the flower is going to get pretty big in the next few days/weeks.

This year we only had 1 sunflower grow and a few stalks of corn.

Last night the girls picked me up from work and we headed to a housewarming party north of the river. Heath and I were excited for beers and snack. Pumpkin was excited for the bounce house.

We visited and snacked and checked out the new place while the girls played in the sandbox and bounce house. Eventually we headed out and went shopping.

not for hats but for a suit

I needed a suit and we are pretty clueless about them but Heath and I think we got a good looking one at a good price.

It did take forever and everyone was pretty worn out when we finally got in the car. We grabbed a couple burritos on the way home and told stories in the car to speed up the bedtime routine. Once the girls were out Heath and I had a few things to do around the house before heading to bed.

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