Hey Good Lookin Whatcha Got Cookin

Before the housewarming party the other day the girls made cupcakes.

We had some for dessert last night with strawberry ice cream and they were great. Last night we also had ravioli cooked by Pumpkin. While she and I made dinner, Bean rested and Heath mowed the lawn.

Pumpkin did a great job helping.

I wanted to load the pasta up with veggies and beans and for some reason letting her help pick out the veggies and beans and stuff and then putting them made her not think twice when it came to eating them.

There was a few things she didn’t want like mushrooms, onions and jalapenos so we put them in a separate pan and then mixed them in Heath and my bowls.

After dinner we moved right into dessert and then we were all really stuffed. I got busy cleaning the house and dishes and Heath hopped in the shower with both girls.

We got the house clean and the girls in pajamas and still had some spare time before our Parents as Teacher visit. We decided to head outside.

We checked on the sunflower and found a giant grasshopper on top of it.

and a bunch of bees inside it.

Pumpkin was really interested in bees and pollen honey and how all that works. She really understands the process and can explain it to you.

We decided to sneak in a quick walk.

We did the mile loop and got home just in time. We met with our educator and talked a bunch about both girls. The girls showed off their skills and were rewarded with some new books.

Once our lady left we got the girls in bed and then Heath and I watched a bit of Breaking Bad before crashing.








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