A VERY Fun & Happy 5 Years

Top 5 wedding pictures

If anyone at Miller wants this for promotional material just let me know.

The boat from the days when it ran.

Still running from one adventure to the next.

To the Party!

Honeymoon on a houseboat

So today is exciting because of our Aniverary but also it is Pumpkin’s first day of preschool.

Yesterday morning Pumpkin’s teacher came over early to talk to us about her year and get to know us and Pumpkin. Then last night after dinner we went to open house at her school.

We got to talk to her teachers more and let the kids play a bit in the classroom.

Her little sis was right there with her ready to start as well. Earlier today she had her first real day and we were all really excited.

I’m sure she is going to have a great day.





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