Cousin Drake’s Birthday

After work on Friday Heath and I put on our Chiefs gear and loaded up the van. Once her mom showed up to watch the kids we picked up friends and headed to the game.

We got there early and got busy lighting the grill unpacking the gear and opening some drinks.

We grilled and drank a while then went into the game

We had a lot of fun on our anniversary.

Saturday morning we had to get up a little early and Heath went to work with Parents as Teachers and the kids and I had breakfast then got started on adventures.

We went to the library and returned some stuff then each kid picked out 2 books. Then we went to Lakeside Nature Center. They were doing a bunch of stuff and the kids learned and checked out the animals.

We saw everything inside then went outside for a hike.

Grant led the way half way and Izzy the other half. We wondered around until we were hungry then headed home. I made the kids lunch then Lily took a nap, Izzy laid in my bed and watched a show and Grant and I got busy with our Todo lists. Once he got his done he got 20 minutes of iPad. Once I was done I added some stuff to mine.

Heath came home and rested with Izzy a bit then the kids played outside a bit and I cooked up some dinner.

The kids and Heath picked corn from our plants in the front yard and we ate it for dinner.

Then we went to Drake’s birthday Party.  We decided to wear our batman shirts.

Because we had gotten Drake…

a batman shirt. The party was lots of fun. The kids hopped right in the bounce house.

We watched the kids and visited and chowed down on snacks.

Then Drake blew out the candles.

And got busy opening presents

We ate cake and watched the presents and then headed home. We all rushed to bed.

In the morning I moved wood for a while then came in and helped with breakfast once everyone was up. We tried tossing canned Cinnamon rolls on the waffle iron.

It worked really well.

After breakfast Heath packed up lunch and I packed up gear and the kids went worm hunting. Then we headed to Swope park. First off we let Berry play at the dog park.

We walked around the whole thing and let Berry run with friends and smell all sorts of things. Then we all headed over to the lake and set up our picknick.

The kids ate tortillas filled with beans, or pizza stuff, or PB+J.

Heath and I had a really good salad.

Lily got a little sleepy.

After putting away lunch we went fishing.

Mostly I was rebating and untangling but then things got exciting.

Heath caught 2 large-mouth bass

and we all got to see them.

I got motivated to catch my own after that and stole her pole and lure but I could not catch anything.  The kids got tired of fishing and were ready to head home.

Once home Lily and Izzy laid down for naps, Grant went to play video games across the street and Heath and I bottled our Oak Stout with some friends.

It smelled really good and the warm flat sip I had was pretty good. It measured at about 7.5% alcohol.  We hung out a while then Heath went to work on her cousin’s food truck and our friends left. I took the kids to the playground.

We played a bunch and everyone had fun but started to get hungry and grumpy. It was after 6 and I had no dinner plan so got a bucket of chicken on the way home. We ate bathed and got in bed.

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