Nature Taking Over

We made breakfast for dinner last night and it was good. I ran out of biscuit dough so mixed in just a little cake mix to get it to the line and it worked out really well. Heath made us lemon pudding for dessert. We have been busy and the weather has been mild so we have really just been getting in the pool once or twice a week to play a bit and clean out the leaves, sticks, walnuts, cottonseeds and bugs.

Last night was that night. We knew the mosquitoes have been bad lately so before getting in the pool Izzy and I ran to Home Depot for some stuff to spray in the yard

I could not find on the label how quick it worked but I did see to keep kids off it. I sprayed it around the pool and then made a dry chair bridge to the pool. We put on swimsuits and hopped in. All the rain had really filled the pool with stuff and the filter was not keeping up.

It was not slimy or stinky so I think the chemicals were doing okay but after a few minutes of swimming we found the mosquitos must not have seen me spray the yard. We were all getting dominated by them and made a run for the house.

We got the kids ready for bed then I put on long shirt, long pants and bug spray then went out to mow the lawn. It had gotten really long and thick. I was barely keeping the mower chugging through the grass when I felt a sting on my hand, then another on my collar. I let go of the mower and backed off quickly. Then I saw a swarm of bees. I guess they had been setting up a hive in one of our railroad ties.

It’s tough to see but they are near the ground just to the right of the big grass stalk.

I got the rest of the yard mowed and gave them a big gap. Then I got some wasp spray and hit the crease and quickly mowed the rest real quick. The bees did not seem to mind and were still going strong this morning. It was dark when I got done but I went ahead and put a nice thick coat of Off around the yard.

This morning I moved Berry off the deck and hit it up. I think we are going to give up on the pool for the year and go ahead and drain it so we can start converting to sandbox and woodshed mode.





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