The Amazing Spiderman

Pumpkin was having a tough morning and those are temporary tattoos on her arm. Peanut is covering up his spiderman.

Last night some friends with twin boys Pumpkin’s age came over to play. We let the kids get a little nuts playing with toys and running around. I think everyone had a lot of fun. We made pork burritos for dinner and Heath and I visited with our friends the parents. They hung out until bedtime and then we got the kids read to and in pajamas and in bed. Peanut had some homework to do. Some other friends stopped by for a drink once the kids were down and we sat on the deck with them until bedtime.

This morning after my run I hopped in the green pool. It was slightly greener then this.

I disconnected the filter, pulled out all the stuff and pulled the plugs. I put some pipe at the end of the plugs to let it drain into the woods.

It seemed to be working really well.  Tonight we plan to clean it all out real good and dry it before boxing it up for the year.

I’m shopping for a truckbed or two full of sand I can put down where the pool was. Anyone know where to get it?






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