Daughters, Dads & Dude

Friday Peanut headed to his dad’s and Heath headed to help her sister move to college so the girls and I were on our own. I picked them up, gave them some spaghetti Os then we loaded up the van and headed to Big Lake.

here is Matt’s families house just behind Bean

We picked up Derrick and Addie on our way and stopped for bathroom, gas and McDonald’s breaks along the way.

The rest of the night we just unpacked and got settled in and wore the girls down for bed. Once they were out we sat on the deck and watched the lake late into the night.

Saturday we got a fairly early start and after breakfast spent most of the day outside. We waited for the little ones to take naps.

Then we cooked up some lunch and ate

Once everyone was fed we hopped in the lake.


The bottom was mostly sand and nice. Plus it was really easy to keep Pumpkin in an area she could touch so she had a great time.

Bean did not really like to float in her thing or touch the bottom but she liked to climb and go for rides with dad.

Everyone got hungry with all the swimming so we went for a ride in the boat.

We loaded up on snacks and Stooks drove us out in the lake a ways and let the wind and current carry us back toward the dock while we snacked.

All 3 girls were really tired but the little ones were too uncomfortable in the life jackets to fall asleep. This one had no problem.

I covered her up with a towel and she slept most of the trip back.  We rushed to feed all the girls and get them in pajamas and in bed.

Once they were down we got busy grilling our dinner and getting hooks in the water. We ran a line from shore to the dock and hung some hooks off the dock and tossed out a few poles. The first 2 fish we caught were too small.

A few hours later we caught a nice keeper.

the neighbors caught site and came by to see the big guy.

He fought me getting the stringer in and started bleeding pretty good so we went ahead and cleaned it right away. It was a nice pile of meat.

We didn’t catch anything else and got to bed a bit earlier and I got a shower in before bed. The girls all got up really early and we found our lines empty. We ate breakfast and the kids played a bunch.

The little ones took a nap and Pumpkin and I went back to the lake and played for like 90 minutes. We got everything cleaned up and did some jumping and splashing and then played Fisherman and Whale. Mostly I was a whale who swam around the dock until a fisherman counted to 10 then beat me with a harpoon/fishing pole (noodle float) and then reeled me onto the dock and devoured me on the spot.

We were hungry after all the swimming and when the babies woke up we got lunch ready.

I didn’t bring stuff to bread the fish so smashed up cheese it’s, baked potato chips and some bisquick. It worked out really well.

It was more then enough meat for our lunch. Once fed we packed everything up and headed home. It had been a great trip. Pumpkin had 2 bathroom breaks on the drive back but we made it. The rest of the afternoon night we caught up with Heath, unpacked and relaxed and everyone got to bed early.





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