20130826_174920I am fighting a cold or something I probably caught from the girls and I was really glad to see Heath had dinner mostly ready and no plans for the night. We had a few things we should get done but just delayed them.  We had a pasta bake stuff for dinner that was really good. It was in the 90s still outside so we pretended it was a rainy day and did inside activities. First up Pumpkin made up some pudding and did a bunch of mixing. Then we got out the finger paints and let the girls decorate.

Pumpkin was all about mixing the colors and seeing what new colors would come from them.

Bean was all about eating paint and needed constant help to keep her entertained in the paper and paint.

After lots of painting I drew a bubble bath and tossed them into it.

The bubbles were fun and did most of the work getting the paint off for me. I sat in the bathroom and finished my next book on my phone. I was reading American Gods. It was just okay. This morning I started The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

The girls ate their pudding in the tub. Once all the paint and then all the pudding and then all the bubbles were off the girls we let them out and they ran around crazy until we caught them and dried them off and put on pajamas. It was still early but we got our stuff ready for school, got teeth brushed and read books. We got them down a little early and they were ready.

Heath and I managed to stay up another hour watching Breaking Bad before we also crashed early.

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