Trying to Stay Cool

Heath got home well before me yesterday and put on her apron and got to work in the kitchen. She had an idea and she made it happen.

Shrimp and broccoli pizza w/ Alfredo sauce. It turned out really good and we dug in when I got home. We ate the whole thing. After dinner we worked some on laundry and kitchen cleanup. We didn’t want to stay in the house all night again and it was too hot for a bike ride or jog so we quickly put on swimsuits and headed to the spray park down the street.

We all had a lot of fun getting wet.

Heath was being sneaky and staying under an umbrella

so we had to drag her into the water. We didn’t stay long before we needed to get home. Heath headed to Peanut’s first scout meeting with his new troop and I got the girls ready for bed. We put on pajamas then put on some music and let the girls run around and dance and sing for a while. They really had some fun and burned off some energy plus I got my lunch for today all cooked.

(my go to lunch lately,  of course I scrambled and cooked the eggs good, and added a bunch of red pepper and celery before packing it up)

Then I helped the girls brush teeth and read Lily her book and laid her down then read to Izzy and told a story about a while horse with black legs named “Leggers” who was friends with a girl named Izzy. Once the kids were down I turned on Hell on Wheels and watched while I folded laundry.

When Heath got home we cut some firewood until it was dark and dangerous then we finished laundry and watched Breaking Bad.

I’ve been worried before about Grant being obsessed with video games but maybe I should be more worried about Izzy. Check out this game I almost got for her. This seems way more evil then killing some zombies.


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