Hello, Do You Like My Hat?

I picked up the girls and Heath on my way home and Heath had a whole pizza leftover from work. The girls snacked and Heath and I loaded up some firewood we saw by her school.  Then we headed home and unloaded the wood and made sure it split. Heath got busy on the computer and I got dinner going. Pumpkin did some drawing on the computer.

I grilled some chicken, squash, potatoes and eggplant. I also made some rice and beans. Heath grabbed a to-go plate and left so the girls and I decided to eat by the TV and watch some Adventure Time. After dinner we headed outside

I cleaned up the garage and organized pool gear and worked on some other random stuff while the girls ran around. moved toys and scooted around in the tractor.

We got pretty hot so we decided to have popsicles and I put the girls in the tub since they make messes and needed baths.

After baths we played and put on pajamas and I worked on my To-do list and got dinner dishes done. Then I read to and put the girls in bed. Once they were down I fired up the mower and hit the front yard real quick. It got too dark before I finished but I got most of it done. I worked on some other projects around the house for a while then took a shower and Heath got home. We opened a couple of our oak stouts that just finished.

They were really good and we drank them and ate popcorn and I helped set up Heath’s computer before bed.

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