First Down

In a recent video I posted on Facebook Pumpkin mentions that if she could do anything for her birthday she would go to a chiefs game.

So her aunt heard the video and offered us some tickets last night. It was last minute and on a school night but we decided to go anyway.

We got my mom to watch Lily, Heath tossed some stuff in a cooler I made us all hot dogs and packed up some other food and as soon as we could get changed and ready we left. We spent the next 90 minutes in traffic going from our house to moms house to the stadium but we made it.  We got there in time to have a quick drink in the parking lot and scarf down a McDouble.

Then we walked to the stadium and quickly chugged the last of our drinks at the gate so we could get in.

Izzy wanted her picture taken with a superhero she saw.

I had to explain later that was a super-villain.

We were parked pretty oposite from our seats to made a quick walk around the stadium and got seated right at the end of some pregame warm up.

The game was pretty good and for a while both teams were just kicking field goals. That was okay because we got to see the horse and for Izzy that is the best part.

We promised Izzy 1 snack and she went back and forth between nachos, snow cone and cotton candy. Just before it was our turn she decided on the cotton candy.

At :05 till half we scored and then headed out. We had to get both girls and get them in bed. It was a lot of fun for all.

After a too short night we got Izzy ready for school then busy on a school project.

She had a getting to know Izzy poster to make. Heath and I helped her but she cut out all the pictures and glued them to her paper.

It turned out great.

The words say “pink” so you will know her favorite color. Also please note there is a cheeseburger on there, sometimes that is her favorite food.












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