Pink Eyes

Poor Bean has pink eye in both eyes and an ear infection and I was home with her part of yesterday.  Friday we had a birthday party for my sister.

We met at mom’s house and had pizza and cake and the kids played. My pictures were mostly blurry.

After the party I got the girls ready for bed and Heath went to work on the food truck.  Saturday morning I worked on the yard and stuff around the house. I set up a kiddy pool and mowed the lawn until I got stung by a bee/wasp.

We discovered a wasp nest in our tire swing and a bee hive in our railroad ties near the trampoline. Heath went to a batchelorete party and at lunch the girls and I had worked up quite the appetite.

I grilled up up a little feast. We worked on more house work until later in the afternoon then we picked up Derrick and both his kids and went to Irish Fest.

It was hot but not terrible. We watched some bands then did some kids activities.

We let the kids do a moonwalk for being good.

Then we ate some snacks checked out the place a bit more and headed out.

We were hungry when we got home and got dinner going quick and then got the kids in bed.  Jon came by and we worked in my wood shed and got an old ridding lawnmower running. Jon left early, Heath came home and we went to bed too.

Sunday we had planned to go camping with our friends but the heat scared us off so we camped in the backyard and slept in the AC. We spent the day playing in the kiddie pool and swingset.

We had a fire going and once we had a bunch of nice coals we started cooking in the dutch ovens.

We made a loaded chili and some cornbread from scratch.

They both turned out great.

After dinner we celebrated our friends birthday. Izzy helped out with the candles.

He needed help because I used trick candles and they came back.

After blue cake the kids needed baths and just before bed we broke out the karaoke.

It had been a long time and it was pretty fun. We moved back out to the fire to let the kids sleep and stayed up late talking, cooking marshmallows and drinking beer.

Sunday we cooked a big breakfast and got rid of the leftover chili. We cleaned up some then went for a run.

By this time we were pretty sure Bean had pink eye so she rested

Pumpkin read books and ate snacks and Heath and I ran and pushed.

We went to the hardware store and got a can of bee killer and wasp killer.  Once home we ate lunch and let the girls rest while Heath and I cleaned and organized the garage. Once everyone was up we needed to cool off so went out to the pool.

Heath and I had glasses of mead for the first time. It was really good and I was not sure it would be. The kids had strawberries and pretzels. The mosquitos chased us off and we went for a walk.

Then we made spring rolls for dinner.

They were loaded with a slaw, rice and fish and turned out really good. After dinner we sprayed the wasps and bees and I think they are all goners now.

That was about it for the weekend. It’s going to be a busy week(s) so while Lily slept yesterday I got several meals ready. Peanut came home after school and I took him to his first flag football practice.

He ran around a lot and had a really good time.











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