Slip n Slide


I picked up the kids on my way home from work and grabbed an extra one.


Our neighbor AJ came over to play. The kids got right to work cooking dinner.


I got busy cooking too but I was not in a huge hurry. Heath was coming home at 6 and I had done most of the prep in the morning. Since dinner was going to be a bit late the kids got 3 snacks.


First Popsicles then grapes and then goldfish crackers. I wanted to play outside but it was too hot and I don’t have a good way of walking 3 kids to the park or anything so I let them play inside and I did dishes and cleaning up. The snacks were not enough and the kids got hungry so I started setting out dinner and Heath got home just as we were sitting down to eat.

I had grilled some chicken thighs and they were great. After dinner being stuck inside had me restless. It was still in the 90s so we turned on the hose and hooked up an old slip and slide that has been in the garage unopened for a long time.


At first the kids just got excited about the water but didn’t get it.



So Heath and I showed them how to do it.



Seeing us slide scared Bean but then they all wanted a turn.





We played a bunch and everyone had fun. Even more neighbors joined us. We tried a bunch of goofy things on the slide and not all of them worked.


But we all stayed cool and had fun.


We went strait from the yard to the tub and washed all the grass and leaves off everyone and put on pajamas. AJ went home and the girls got ready for bed.

I did a little bit of cleaning up and heath did more and baked some bread for work. Then I read Hunger Games until I fell asleep.








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