Firehouse Fun


The girls went with parents as teachers to tour the firestation near our house yesterday. I didn’t get great pictures. Here are the best.





The tour was good but the timing was such that the girls were ready for lunch and naps so were not in the best moods. I could not even talk Izzy into taking a turn squirting the fire hose.

We had quick pizza leftovers for dinner and Heath went to her class and the girls and I went for a ride.


It was hot but we stuck to the shade and it was not bad. I let the girls start the ride with a Popsicle and then I loaded them up with water and juice. We rode 7 miles with 2 park stops.


After all the snacks and drinks in the back of a bumpy trailer they were pretty messy.


Once home we all hopped right in the shower and scrubbed down good. Then the girls got on pajamas and got ready for bed. Heath came home just as Izzy was going down. Heath and I did dishes and laundry and then laid in bed watching tv until we fell asleep.

Today Lily is 18 Months.





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