After work I rushed to get the girls from daycare and then Peanut from school and then home. I made a super quick dinner and then we rushed to eat. Then we rushed on to dance class. Pumpkin was invited to do a dance class on bring a friend day. They did 20 minutes of tap, 20 minutes of dance and 20 minutes of tumbling. She was against the tap shoes at first but her friend took her hand and led her into the class and then she loved every minute.

Heath got done with work while we were watching class through a window and she took over. The other kids and I rushed home for cleats and then off to football practice.


They had a practice game with another team and I think it was a lot more fun to watch and more instructive for the boys. Bean and I played with a football, ate grapes and watched.


She is really good at kicking but her throw is just dropping it. After dance Heath picked her up and took the girls home to get ready for bed. I watched the boys practice until it was too dark then we headed home. I did some dishes and clean up and prep for today then watched Hell on Wheels on the iPad while Heath studied until bedtime.


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