Heath had dinner started when we got home so it took very little time for me to finish it up and then all of us sit down and eat spaghetti. After dinner Heath got ready for class and the girls and I got ready for our ride.

We drove over to Leawood park and then started west. I thought we were going pretty fast but pumpkin complained that I was going too slow, and she wanted to know when we would be at the park and she thought she was too big for the trailer and Bean was stealing all the goldfish crackers and Pumpkin didn’t want to share the juice and they went on and on until all of a sudden they stopped. I got suspicious and turned around to find both girls out cold.


I was able to peddle in peace all the way to our normal park stop, I turned around there and peddled past the alternate park and kept going. I was not used to pulling the trailer that far and that fast with no breaks and I got a good workout. When we were fairly close to the truck a faster bike behind us started talking to me as he got ready to pass us and it woke Pumpkin up. She just said “Hey, this isn’t the way to the blue park”. I told her we were going to have a lot of time at the red slide park instead and she was cool with that. Bean woke up just before we got back to the truck.

We stashed our gear and walked over to the park.


They had lots of fun and made several friends. We had time to play for quite a while and they both spent most of it on the red slides.



I got them away with promises of Popsicles in the tub. Once they were cooled down and all clean we read books and got them in bed. I did some dishes and food prep stuff and then worked out for a while. Inbetween workouts I made some 2 ingredient cookies.  Heath got home from school and joined me for the end of the workout and the cookies.

For what they were we really liked them. The recipe for the ones I made were 2 bananas (softer the better) and 1 cup of oats (quick oats are easier). Mash/mix them together real well, drop on a pan and bake for 15 min at 350F. Alternate ones you can substitute the banana for pumpkin or peaches. We added a bit of powdered peanut butter and some raisins to ours. They are really easy and we killed the whole pan but that’s just a piece of fruit and some oats.  I stole the recipe from

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