This was actually a couple days ago but I just got it up. Last night I was running late and Heath had some rice going . I was hungry and we had to get Peanut to practice so I quickly got the rest of dinner ready. Heath’s brother James came by and ate with us. We were out or low on lots of groceries I needed but our dinner turned out really good. We had Tuna patties.

After eating Peanut, Pumpkin, a soccer ball and I went off to football practice while Heath got Bean ready for bed and did her homework. The boys had a scrimach


I got an e-mail about Pumpkin’s soccer season and some stuff to work on so we started practicing.


I’m a little nervous for her because she loses interest so fast and is so sure she knows better then me. Also I am trying to prepare her to possibly be the only girl out there. She may also be the only white kid, but that should not phase her. The main goals at this point seem to be don’t use your hands and don’t kick with your toes. Her favorite part was her version of dribbling running and kicking the ball along the whole field. It didn’t take long for her to be done.


We watched Pumpkin and she made friends on the bleachers until it got dark and was time to go home. The kids got on pajamas and brushed teeth and got ready for bed. I got dishes done and parts of tonight’s dinner cooked and ran to Home Depot. We’ve had 2 wasp nests and 2 bees nests in our yard causing trouble and I wanted to work them over one last time before the birthday party.

Heath was still working and I had just started on a new book series so I headed to bed to read until she was done.




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