Picture Day on the Soccer Field


Last night Heath had spaghetti and 2 of the 3 kids when Bean and I got home. We helped get the table ready and sat down to eat. Dinner was good and we ate a bunch fast then got Peanut ready for football and Pumpkin ready for soccer. It was team picture day and starting to get cold so it took a bit more time then normal.

There are 2 soccer teams and they were all doing pictures at the same time and it was kind of crazy but eventually we got all the tigers individual pictures and then this group shot.  IMG_7645

Then we got practice started.


It was around this time that Peanut’s football practice started. It was at the same school on the other side of the building so Bean and I walked him over. They did some warming up and we headed back to the soccer side.



Eventually the Cheetah team finished their pictures and the coaches did a practice game to get ready for Thursday.


It was pretty crazy and pretty funny.


Her practice ended and we went over to watch football. It got dark quick though and they called practice over a bit early and we headed home and got the kids ready for bed. After books and teeth and pajamas and everything we worked a bit on our picture website http://prewitt.smugmug.com/.

Then Heath and I watched some Breaking Bad. We finished off the episodes on Netflix before bed.


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