Every Wednesday for the last 6 or so we have eaten a quick dinner then gone for a bike ride while Heath was in class. Last night was no different except it was a bit colder out.


Peanut and I peddled along the path and the girls rode.


We rode a couple miles and then stopped at the park.



The kids played a while and then we got back on the trail and headed back. It started to get cold and dark and there was a bit of crabbing going on but eventually we made it to the truck and decided not to play at the pink slide park.


Once home the girls got in the tub, Peanut got in the shower and I read book aloud to the girls and helped soap them up. We read some more books and they got in bed.

Peanut and I cleaned up the house and then he played iPad. Heath came home. I got things ready for dinner tonight and then read my book until bed.



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