1st Soccer Game


I got stuck at work late and after getting the girls and getting home we were down to about 20 minutes until we needed to get to soccer. Heath and Grant had everything ready and on the table.

We ate grilled fish and squash, some rice and vegetables. The kids loved the fish and ate every bite. Then we grabbed some warm cloths, snacks and water and headed to the game.


We got there before most of Pumpkin’s team. Once the game started it was classic heard of kids chasing the ball and random stragglers doing their own thing paying no attention to the game.


Most of the 1st half Pumpkin was right in the pack.


The 2nd half she played goalie and had 1 save.The game ended 0-o and the kids were so excited. Peanut had football on some other fields at the same place and he went over to his practice at half.


After the game we went and watched him until dark.

After sports we rushed to Aldi and filled our cart real quick and then rushed home to unpack groceries and get the kids in bed. Then I packed for a mini fishing/canoe trip and we did some cleaning up.


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