Boo at the Zoo


Friday Jon and I were planning to go canoeing on the Kaw and catch a bunch of catfish and camp-out but it was raining and cold and didn’t seem like that much fun. So instead We got a box of wine and went for a hike. Heath dropped us off on the Little Blue river at 151st street and we walked down the river to our house. We did a lot of running and had a great time. We got home at like midnight pretty wet and chilly and built up a fire before bed.

In the morning we built the fire back up, ate breakfast, took Jon home and then worked cleaning the house until Peanut’s football game


.  IMG_7733



The weather got a lot nicer and it was a fun game. Peanut got a touchdown but I think they lost by 1. After the game we went home and had a really good lunch and then Heath went to work the food truck and I got the girls down for naps. I had a few other things to get done and then I laid down and took a power nap. Afterwords I worked on cleaning and laundry until the girls got up. Once they were up we headed over to the Boone Carnival.




We only had about an hour until it closed so we quickly did some playing,jumping and ridding.Pumpkin found a friend from her class to run around with. The last thing we did before it closed was the cake walk and of course Izzy won.



We headed home and I got dinner going real quick and Heath and her mom got home.

Heath and I headed out. First we stopped by Target, then went to a bridal shower. Well Heath went and I went for a walk then had a beer and burger at the bar. After the shower we went for a drink with some friends and then off to a Birthday party for my coworker.  We got home late and went right to bed.

In the morning I cooked up a big breakfast and then we put costumes on the girls and headed to the zoo.


Bean was a cowgirl and Pumpkin was a caterpillar.


and Heath was a penguin.


Right away we did the bird show and both girls loved it.



We wondered around a bit.


Then Pumpkin and Donna took the skylift deep into Africa and the rest of us quickly walked the long way around to them. We did stop to check out the baboons.



We met back up and looked over the chips and giraffes and zebras. Bean really liked all the birds.


Pumpkin’s favorite is the giraffes.


It was way after lunchtime when we finally got out and our stomachs were growling. We got some Mexican on the way home. Once home my mom and grandparents were waiting for us to call my sister sister Carri. We Skyped with her for about an hour on the big tv and it was pretty funny. The girls rested and Heath and I watched the game. Heath did not make it long before she fell asleep too. We had a small dinner at the end of the game and then went for a walk.

We all got bath’s and in pajamas and the girls went to bed while Heath and I folded bunches of laundry before going to bed.

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