Winter Prep in a wood heated home


Yesterday morning I made up a batch of enchiladas and after work Heath got them heating up. When I got home I got on the roof and grabbed my fireplace brush and extension rods and scrubbed the flues. Then I cleaned out the gutters and cut back some tree limbs while I was on the roof.

Our new Parents as Teacher lady showed up and we played picknick and tea party and talked about the girls and she got kind of a baseline for how good they are. The girls showed off their skills and had lots of fun.

When they got too hungry our lady left and we ate dinner. It turned out pretty good. After dinner Bean was covered in beans so Heath put her in the tub and Pumpkin and I headed outside to move some aged firewood into the shed.


It was a little dangerous for Pumpkin so she played on the trampoline instead.

It got dark so quick but I got one full load of wood.


We went in and Pumpkin got ready for bed. I went back out while Heath got them down and I moved wood to the shed. I made a lot of progress but we burn a lot of wood and I’m not done yet. My arms and back got pretty worn out so I went inside and got wood together to make a little rack inside and cleaned out the inside part of the stove before bed.


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