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I got home and tossed together spaghetti, rolls and green beans. Heath and cousin Rachel got there just after me and once it was ready we ate dinner. Then Pumpkin got ready and we packed up or stuff and went to the game.


Cousin Ruth met us there. Pumpkin was really excited when we got there and started running and running. There were several other excited kids running and after a bit she collided with another kid and got hurt. Then they started the game and she didn’t want to play.


Heath talked to her a bit and she decided she wanted to play goalie. Coach was okay with this and she got going.


She did a great job protecting her goal.


She even had a save before the 12 minute half was over and it was time for a break.



She was ready to run for the second half and took to the field.


The other team scored 2 goals and we had some good shots but no goals. Izzy was pretty shy about kicking the ball but enjoyed running with the pack.

After the game we all went to our house and had some awesome cookies Rachel brought and I made some hot coco. We talked for a while and then everyone left and the girls went to bed.

I headed outside and got 1 load of wood moved to the shed before getting too sleepy. This morning I got 2 more loads moved before work and I expect to finish moving wood tonight and have a fully stocked shed.




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