Last soccer game

 IMG_7856Heath and I ate at a Chinese Buffet for lunch and were stuffed so did not want dinner when we got home. We fixed the girls some ravioli and brockoli. My mom came over to visit a bit and then we went to Pumpkin’s last soccer game.


It was pretty cold on the field so the kids warmed up.


Then the game got started and Pumpkin started in goal again.


She did a good job and blocked everything.


After one big kick she lost her shoe.


Heath’s and my mom came and cheered and watched Lily while I took pictures.


Izzy was in the field the rest of the game


She seemed to avoid kicking the ball but liked to run in the pack.


She asked several times if she could get back in goal but it was other kids turn. At the end of the game they had some treats and juice boxes and awards and a parent cheer tunnel. Everyone was cold and our little fan group rushed off to Dunkin Donuts for hot chocolate.


Heath and I split a salted caramel hot coco and it was awesome. Then we all headed home and got kids in bed and house cleaned and then adults in bed.

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