Mike and Julie’s Wedding


Friday after work we grabbed the girls and headed to the church for the rehearsal. I learned where to stand and how to walk and the rest of my part in the festivities while the girls played ipad and ran around crazy in a back room.

After the rehearsal we went to Martin City and got some Jack Stack BBQ. It was an awsome buffet of meat and beer and sides and desserts. It was a late dinner for us and we all got after it.


We watched slideshows of the couples and visited with the other guests. The girls got crabby and we we took them home to bed.

In the morning we slept in then went to Grant’s football game and found out it was postponed until next week so instead we went out for breakfast.


We ate at this little cafe called Jerry’s real close to our house that is tiny but serves giant portions of great food. We had to take some home and once there we cleaned up the house some and got ready for the wedding. Heath’s sister came by to watch the girls.

Once ready she took some pictures of Heath and I since we were looking so good.



I was there a bit early and hung out with the groomsmen until the wedding. The wedding went great and then we got on the trolly for a few pictures and lots of drinks.


We went to liberty memorial and took some pictures then to the reception. The rest of the night was full of dancing, eating, drinking and lots of talking with old friends.

In the morning we got the house together and got some pizzas and friends from high school came over to watch the Chiefs.

After the game we took the girls to the park and let them burn some energy and then watched movies and ate dinner on the couch. Heath and Izzy made cookies and we all went to bed early.

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