Trunk or Treat

Heath took the big kids to the dentist and I picked up Bean and we all met at home at about the same time. We rushed to gather costumes and get them on. Then we headed to the Center Alternative School for a Trunk or Treat.


We parked and then walked from trunk to trunk collecting candy.


Bean figured it out pretty quick and dealing with the wrappers was her biggest challenge.


Some stations had games for the kids.



Once we made the loop we got some chicken wings, chips, and juice boxes and took a break. Then we went on a hayride and checked out the firetruck.


Then we left and headed to my mom’s house. On the way we grabbed some burritos at Taco Bell and ate them in the car and at Mom’s. Pumpkin decided to stay and play with Nana-K and uncle Matt while Heath and I took the other kids to Grant’s school for another trunk or treat. It was dark and I didn’t take any pictures.

This was a speed version where the kids ran up and down a couple isles of well decorated trunks. In no time we had hit them all and had a big bag of candy. We went and got Pumpkin and visited a bit and then got the kids home and in bed.

Heath and I were beat and watched a bit of TV in our bed before going to sleep.

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