Indian Springs Campout


It was a busy weekend. Friday after work we had a little Halloween party. We got dressed up, ate Mexican food and had a bonfire. The only pictures I got were the kids watching driveway movies.  IMG_8235


It was pretty adorable and we all had a lot of fun and stayed up way too late. In the morning the kids and us slept in until almost 10.

I got busy packing and Heath took Peanut to his football game.


We cleaned up the house, ate lunch, had Bean take a nap and then Heath took Peanut to another football game.


I finished packing, finished getting the girls ready and then we met up at the game and watched the 2nd half. After the game we drove to a cabin in the woods to meet up with my mom and Mike. Heath and Pumpkin were still pretty tired.


The cabin was about an hour and a half away and deep in the woods. We got settled in a little bit then took advantage of the daylight left around the fire.




The cabin was on the top of the hill and just down from it was the fire-pit and just down from the pit was a little pond.

We checked it out and tossed some rocks in the pond.


Shortly after, the sun set and we headed inside the house to cook dinner.


Mike grilled up some giant thick steaks.


Our 3 kids split this plate sized steak and ate the entire thing by themselves. Plus a baked potatoes and some other sides. I was pretty impressed.


After dinner we put Bean to bed and the rest of us headed back out to the fire for dessert and entertainment.


We toasted giant pumpkin marshmallows and made smores. Also we told all the cheesy jokes we knew and did a few goofy skits.


We all stayed up late again and it was another perfect night to sit around the fire.

In the morning we slept in till 9 and then realized we had a time change and it was really 8. We cooked up a bunch of bacon and eggs and then headed out to explore in the daylight.

 IMG_8323We hike around the pond and got a look at the cabin from the other side.


We also found lots of little treasures like shells, acorns, flint and other random things.



While Bean was napping we got out the big toys.


Heath and I took the canoe for a spin and then gave Pumpkin a ride.




Then we got the 4 wheeler running


Mike and mom went first


Then i gave the kids a ride.


Then Heath gave the kids a ride.


We put the atv away and rushed into the house just in time to watch the chiefs game. We snacked a lot durring the game and ate lunch and the kids played all sorts of games. After the game we packed up quick, cleaned up quick, took a last picture and hit the road.


Pumpkin fell asleep before we hit blacktop and Bean got the ipad.


Once home we went for a little jog to boycott the sun going down so early. We pushed the girls in the stroller and Peanut rode his bike. The rest of the evening we relaxed, ate dinner, did laundry and got ourselves cleaned up.

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