The Island


I know I know I’ve really fallen apart on the blog lately. Lots of small changes in my routine is my excuse today.

So lets catch up.

I’ve been sick the last 2+ days and just laying on the couch eating soup and watching tv. The highlight of those 2 days on Netflix are these 2 movies.

Plus a few really good soups mostly made of ramen noodles w/ lots of broth and red pepper.

Sunday we were awesomely productive.


Also Saturday I was pretty productive. Starting at my mom’s house pulling carpet and then at our house getting a jump on Sunday.

The coolest thing we did was replace the kitchen island. Over 13 months ago we built this temporary island.


As I pulled boards out a wall I screwed them together and we loved being able to cook, eat and hangout around this little island. The downside of that island was the surface. The 2x4s look cool but crumbs get between them and they are a pain to clean.

I picked up a couple or random table tops at restore a few weeks back and last weekend made a couple cuts on them . Then I pulled out the old 2x4s and screwed down the new boards.


This looks a bit nicer has a bit more room and is way easier to clean. The kids jumped right in to help us find out how messy they can get on it.


There are a couple seems but we filled them in with silicone and once it is fully dry we plan to add another coat. There is a little square hole I had to fill in too.


We also pulled the old kitchen faucet out.


The sprayer part of it was leaking really bad and making a mess then we saw a faucet at Costco that Heath loved and decided to switch it out.


Also it squirts soap so that’s cool. We also fixed a problem w/ the garage door we have had for like 18 months. Fixed our old vacuum, put the carpet from mom’s into our basement for padding, replaced the water in the fish-tank, replaced the guts in the kids bathroom toilet, ran ethernet cable to our TV and I played under the truck for a bit.


I’ve got some weird alternator charging the battery problem (the batter and the alternator are just fine) that I tried to fix with glue. I’m assuming it worked until I get stuck w/ a dead battery.

Before last weekend I’m not sure what we were up to I know we had a meeting and Heath’s school 1 night and I had to work late at the transmitter one night and we are done with football and soccer and Heath was sick for a few days too.

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