The Leaves are Down


Izzy has pink eye and I only worked a few busy hours yesterday, otherwise I would have posted.

Friday I picked up the girls, picked up my grandparents and headed to my mom’s for Thanksgiving Mexican fest.


The adults talked and had a few drinks and got dinner ready. Then we got the kids plates ready, the seniors plates ready and then we all sat down to eat.


The kids ate a bit then started getting rowdy. They left the table and went off to play and make messes.


We played for a while and then cleaned for a while and then I took the grandparents and the girls home and got them ready for bed. I laid down to watch a movie and fell fast asleep.

In the morning Heath slept in a bit and the girls and I made a big breakfast.


Then Heath went off to work the food truck and I met up with friends at Lakeside Nature center with the girls.




Afterwords we all went to a McDonalds playplace for lunch. I suspect Izzy caught pink eye while we were there. After lunch the girls napped and I worked on a bunch of projects around the house. I got most of the laundry washed and added some more silicone to the counter and some other stuff.

Heath came home and took a nap and the girls and I headed outside we cleaned out everything in the van and truck and then vacuumed them both really good and wiped down all the surfaces. We got Heath up and headed out to Gardner for a duck dinner w/ my sisters family.


The kids all played crazy again and had a great time.


We headed home and bedtime and got the kids in bed. Heath and I relaxed w/ some wine before bed.

In the morning we had a lot of laundry to fold and clothes to pack and other things to pack. In the afternoon I headed to Lews to watch football w/ friends and Heath took the girls outside to rake.


They got all the leaves raked up then played in the piles.






I came home and we got a few things together and headed next door. Stephen and Becky grilled burgers and made a bunch of pregame food. The kids played crazy and we watched football late into the night.

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