Bath and Books

Heath was working late last night. I picked up the girls and took them strait to the library. We got 2 books for each kid and a couple of audio books and music cds. We happened to run into Amanda and her girls so we let the kids play puzzles and legos for a while.  Everyone got hungry and we rushed off to get dinner.

My girls seemed pretty worn out while I got dinner ready but they ate really good. We had an odd mix of leftovers mixed in with some noodles and spegetti sauce.


After dinner we had some pie and ice cream for dessert and then moved right into the bath.


They played a bit and I read my book some and then we soaped them up and dried them off and got on pajamas. Heath came home and started her dinner. Lily played for a little bit but was tired and went to bed early. We let Izzy lay on the couch and watch a movie until her bedtime.

While Izzy watched Tinkerbell I went for a run. I went down to the trail and east a ways. My stomach was full and not real happy about it but otherwise it went well and I got pretty close to a buck.

After the run I did some packing and bringing in firewood then showered and laid down in bed to read until I fell asleep. Heath got Izzy in bed and studied until bedtime.


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