Yucky Eye


Heath got home before the girls and I and got dinner started. We ate shortly after we got home. Right away we knew Lily was not feeling well and then we saw the goop in her eye.


So after dinner Heath went to class and I took the girls to the doctor office.


They checked her out and made sure here ears and throat and everything was good then sent us to the pharmacy for drops. Once home I gave her a bath, gave her drops and put her in bed to get some rest. Izzy put on her pajamas then worked on decorating a turkey for school.


I helped her a bit w/ the glitter but she did most of it.


Then we did her eye drops and read stories and got her in bed. Then i made apple cinnimon rolls for a deal at work.


As they cooked I did all the dishes, worked out a bit and then got ready for bed when Heath got back from class.

I’ll not be posting tomorrow but I hope to get some posts in sometime next week while we are in Florida.










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