Goodbye Ocean, Hello River (FL post 5)


Wednesday morning we got busy right when we got up, washing clothes and packing up. It was pretty windy outside and we had a lot to do so we did it. Earlier in the week we saw 3 dolfins and I forgot to post about them so this is a good time since packing is not that exicting.


Heath spotted them during breakfast and we all an outside to watch. There were 3 of them really close to the shore. They would swim in a circle, we believe cornering some fish and then crash through the middle and eat them.


It was pretty cool to see and of course drew a big crowd of beach walkers.

Once we were all packed we decided to head out to the beach one last time. We played some more but it was windier and the waves were getting really big so the kids stayed on the sand and we did not go out far.  We left the beach and came inside for a big spaghetti lunch my aunt cooked. Everyone was pretty tired after lunch so we said our goodbyes and got back on the road. The kids slept for parts of the 4hr drive to Titusville on the Space Coast.

We rented a “cabin” off Craigslist for the next 3 nights. It was a little hard to find but the owner helped us out and eventually we made it.


It was down a little dirt road through some thick trees and really close to the Indian river along the coast of Florida. The cabin was a little dated but had a kitchen, porch area, bathroom, bedroom and living room and we fit there well.

Once we got checked in we went to grocery store and stocked up then came home and cooked another batch of spaghetti. Bean was ready for bed and we put her down then the other kids watched a star wars cartoon and ate popcorn while Heath and I had a drink.


After the show we pulled the couch out and got the big kids down for the night then Heath and I got to bed too.


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