Happy Thanksgiving (FL post 6)


Thursday morning we all slept in good. Lily or I got up first and once we had pants on we headed out for a little walk down to the river. We looked for alligators or manatees or fish but didn’t really see anything. It was nice out but there was a cool breeze coming in.

Everyone else was getting up when we got back. We cooked up a little leftover sausage from our speghetti and had cereal and poptarts too.


Then we all took showers and got dressed for Thanksgiving dinner. While in the shower Peanut got a visit from a lizard.


Spoiler Alert: Lizards are everywhere down there.

Once we were all ready we headed to Heath’s aunts house about 15 minutes away. Her dad was there and some cousins. We played outside in the warm sun.


Eventually we went inside and had a huge meal. It was all really good and I ate a bunch. Then we sat around the table and watched football and for some reason kept eating. We had a few beers and alternated between in the house and outside. Late in the afternoon we headed out to go looking for Alligators.


We drove through a park and saw a lot of birds but no Alligators.




About the time we got to the end of the park it was about dark so we took a few pictures of the sunset.




On the way back to the cabin we stopped at a playplace to use the internet, get some icecream and exercise for the kids. While on the intenet we decided to get a redbox movie for the kids. We also found out that a rocket was due to launch in a few minutes. We finished up and went to look out over the river for the rocket. We got there just in time, got out of the car and waited with a bunch of other people.

A few minutes later some told everyone they postponed the launch because of the wind.

We got our movie “The Croods” and went home.

We got the kids relaxing watching the movie and Heath got a call from another cousin. He had missed us as Thanksgiving and wanted to come see us.

Cousin Joey was easily 300 lbs. He road up on a bike and spent much of the night discussing biker gangs. He was a cool guy and stayed a few hours talking our ears off.

Once we got him out the door we all went to sleep.


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