Headed Home (Fl post 8)


My alarm went off at 4am and I hopped out of bed. I packed the cooler and then put Lily in bed with Heath and packed up her crib. I tossed the last few things in the van, made everyone pee and put them in the van and we were off.

Everyone got back to sleep and I drove. This was the hardest part of the drive for me. I had no audio prepared ahead of time and I was still sleepy and the sun would not rise fast enough. Eventually the sun came up and I got more awake and everyone was ready for a big breakfast. I talked the family into Waffle House. They were not excited at first but once inside they loved it.


We ate a ton and it was all really good. Then we got back on the road and drove a bunch. Eventually we stopped at a park in Birmingham Alabama.


The kids played a bunch, well we all played a bunch and worked our muscles.

Heath’s cousin Jared met up with us and took us to Full Moon BBQ. We were still kind of full from breakfast but ate anyway. After lunch we went to Jareds house and jumped in his leaves and Heath took a shower then we got back on the road.

We drove and drove.


Heath and I listened to the Hunger Games book and it did great at passing the time and keeping us awake. Heath took the first shift driving and then I took the last section.

Once she was asleep it was a little rough but I had a high level of caffeine in me by that point and did fine. We got home just after 4am roughly 23 hours and a time zone switch from when we left.

We put the kids in beds, turned up the heat and went to sleep.

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