Play Day (FL post 4)


I got up about 10 minutes before my alarm, slipped out of bed and got busy cooking breakfast. I had volunteered to cook for everyone and wanted to be really quiet since it was a late night. I did the noisy cutting and stuff outside then came in to cook. I made country style sweet potatoes, 2 lbs of bacon and a dozen scrambled eggs. Rachel was the first one to come into the kitchen and she made a bunch of toast. Everyone got up and came in just before I got breakfast done. It turned out good and we ate it all up.

Our kids were the last ones up and once they had eaten we headed outside to the beach. The wind was blowing and there were more waves then we had seen so far, so we tried to boogie board and played some more in the waves.


and in the sand.



We also opened some drinks and took some fun pictures. We wanted to get a good picture for a xmas card and I had an idea but had to get things set up just right.


Heath went to the store and got Corona to make sure we got it right and Alex took several pictures to get that perfect one at the top of this post.



Of course I did some playing in photoshop too.

We ended up playing outside all morning and didn’t come inside until the kids were really hungry and tired.





We made a quick lunch and then laid the girls down for naps. Grant watched Avengers and Heather and I had some drinks and messed around the house.

Once everyone was up from naps we put the girls in backpacks, grabbed Peanut and some cousins and walked down the beach 1.7 miles to a sandcastle competition.



We got to the spot just before it closed for the day but there were a few sculptures outside of the tents.



We met up with some cousins there and some of our group rode home with them including all the kids while we walked back. While we were walking the water level was rising and the wind was really picking up. A storm was coming.


My Aunt and some helpers were making an awesome Mexican seafood feast while we were out. Shortly after we got home we had a great meal.


I had 5 stuffed soft tacos and was really full. After dinner I could only digest and sit around. I watched some tv and played on the computer for the rest of the night. We played some cards with Pumpkin and Peanut went to a movie with the big kids. We was pretty excited. Then we got to bed.

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