Rehersal Dinner (FL trip post 2)


So the main reason we went to Ft. Meyers Beach was for my cousin Rebecka’s wedding. The rehersal and dinner was Sunday night but we had most of the day to ourselves. Heath and I got up before the kids and went for a run on the beach. We went a mile south then turned around and ran a mile back.


It was great and we decided to do it again each morning.

Spoiler Alert: We never ran again

After the kids got up they wanted to check on the view too.  20131124_085803

After breakfast we got right into our suits and into the ocean.



The water was plenty warm plus really calm and shallow way out there.

Here is our house.


We spent all morning playing in the sand and water.



After lunch Heath and I really wanted to watch the chiefs game so decided to go to a sports bar and some cousins offered to watch the kids. We watched, had a few beers and ate some scallops in shells.


We left the game a bit before the end and went back to the house and got on nice clothes.


The rehearsal started and I kept an eye on the kids while Heath helped get food ready.



Izzy was the flower girl and the rest of us spectators.



Once it was all rehearsed the sun went down and we went inside to stuff our faces with lots of BBQ. The house was full of people Sunday night we hung out and visited but I was still pretty worn out and got to bed fairly early.



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