Christmas Prep


We got home from our big trip Sunday morning at like 4am and slept in until the girls got up and started making noise. We were still tired but had a lot to do. We made a list and got after it. We started a fire, started running loads of laundry, bought groceries, unloaded the van, cleaned up the house, put everything away, vacuumed out the van and finally got out Christmas decorations.


The kids asked to skip right to christmas decorations about a dozzen times before we got everything else done but we held out. The main thing we got done was the tree.





Little by little it came together.



Once the chiefs game started we lost our stream on the rest of the decorations and instead laid on the couch and ate chicken wings. Then I got really tired and after the game stumbled around in full zombie mode until I fell asleep.

In the morning everyone else went to school and work and I got to stay home. I slept in then folded all the laundry from the day before. When the girls got up I took them to school then started working on lights.



It took most of the day but I got them all up on the house and all the dead ones replaced.


It turned out really good.


Of course Lily loves little santa.


and thought the tree outside was pretty cool.


I also had a few neighbors come by while I was out. 1 guy complimented my beard and said he used to be in beard competitions. Another gave me 4 truckloads of firewood.


When Heath got home we tossed the little ones in the trailer then went for a bike ride.



It got cold and dark and I got exhausted so we went home. I had made up a batch of enchiladas earlier in the day so dinner was quick and good. After dinner I sat in the tub and Lily and Izzy joined me for parts of it. Heath put up more decorations and then we played on facebook until an early bedtime.




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