Super Girls

Sometimes I don’t know what side they are on.

Heath was working late so I picked up the little ones and started getting dinner ready. We all had rough days getting back out of vacation mode. The girls ran around picking fights and causing trouble and I made a vegtable pot pie and cleaned up the house some.


We decided to make dinner special to cheer everyone up by making special drinks, dessert and sticking a bunch of candles on the table. Heath got home a few minutes early and we got busy eating.


It seemed to do the trick and after dinner everyone was in good moods. We ended up wrestling and tickling for a bit before we were able to drag the girls to the bathtub.


After baths Lily was ready for bed and Izzy was ready for books. I went out for a run with Berry and Heath got the girls in bed. Then Heath and I worked on our christmas card and got them ordered just before bed.




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