Bubbles and More

I made a weird Quinoa tuna fish vegetable thing for dinner that was good but left us a bit hungry so I made Pumpkin a hotdog and then all of us had a gram cracker with some icing and sprinkles on it. A little bit of Bean’s made it into her mouth.


After dessert Heath headed to class and the girls and I got busy on some projects. Pumpkin started with a card for a teacher at preschool who is leaving.


I worked on dishes and Bean had a little parade around the island pulling a toy. I helped add some glitter to the card and then both girls got busy on a Christmas sign.


They did a great job coloring Christmas stuff.

 20131205_064744My favorite was Santa, he even has a little belly button.

Bean got a lot of marker on her hands and face though.


So I moved her to the sink and tossed in some bubble bath.


While she was in there Pumpkin and I made some snowflakes and then glued them onto the sign.


That was about it for the night. We put on pajamas and read a bunch of books and told some stories and the kids went to bed. I made a lasagna for tonight’s dinner and cleaned up some of the kitchen and our room. Heath and I hung out a bit when she got home and then went to bed.







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