The Run is Tomorow

Rain or Shine or Frozen we are going.
My house at 2:30. Bring anyone!


I had made a weird lasagna the night before and Heath did not work so dinner was hot and ready when the girls and I got home and the house was super clean and organized it was awesome!

We ate dinner and it turned out really good. Instead of cottage cheese or ricotta cheese I used mashed sweet potatoes mixed with cream of mushroom soup and instead of ground hamburger I used black beans, corn, broccoli and spinach. Once we were done with dinner I had some work work to do and the girls got ready then we headed up to Pumpkin’s school.


It was the night of the Christmas program and Santa was coming. We started out in the cafeteria with cookies, milk cider and Christmas music so loud you could not hear any complaints.



While in this room Pumpkin made a poster for Santa.


Once it was done we went off to find him and deliver it.


He was pretty grateful and enjoyed his likeness. Then it was time to put the girls on his lap. They had different opinions on this.


Pumpkin told him she wanted a baby turtle (blanket) and I’m not sure what Bean was trying to tell him but I’m guessing it was GET ME AWAY FROM THIS GUY!


After santa we went to the craft room (gym) there were a bunch of tables and Pumpkin worked on a bunch of stuff. While there we won a prize in a raffle. Heath and Bean got tired of crafts and went off to the toy room. I helped make a princess hat and a couple of ornaments before Pumpkin and I joined them.


We played with a bunch of toys and checked out a mini BBQ grill to bring home. Then we rushed home and got the girls cleaned, in pajamas, read to, teeth brushed, stories told and then put in bed.  Heath and I worked on some Christmas shopping online and scheduling of our holiday activities before we got in bed to read and fall asleep.

Tomorrow is the run and it’s going to be lots of fun, also there will be some great chilli and stew at the end!.

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