Survived Another Run


Friday I worked a bit late and Heath picked me up from the office with the girls and some supplies and we went to Jon and Briana’s house for dinner.  We hung out and ate and drank and the kids played.



The little ones got tired and we headed home and got them in bed. That night we got a bunch of sleep and slept in. Saturday we had a lot to do for the run. We made up extra bed’s straitened the house, drank lots of water and made crockpots of stew and chili.


Heath took Pumpkin to her mom’s and Bean to my sisters and then our friends started showing up. Then we were off.


There were some big games on tv so the bars were crowded but we found pretty good drink specials. We went to Charlie Hoopers, Brooksider, The Well, Bobbie Bakers, Quintons, 75th Street Brewery, Tommy Farha’s and Patrick’s.


 IMG_8186 IMG_8197






Then we headed to our house. We ate and drank and sang.



 20131208_003354 IMG_8228

We went late into the night and then went to bed.

We spent most of Sunday watching games and movies on the couch and eating leftovers. For a while we hung with friends then the girls came home and snuggled up with us.



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3 Responses to Survived Another Run

  1. DB says:

    Another fantastic time! Did my red stocking cap turn up?

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Yes, I found it this morning!

  3. The Mrs. says:

    The date of the Jog was actually Dec 7th, 2013. 🙂

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