Crazy Girls

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Heath got home before us and was already cutting up veggies and leftover steak. We spread them out on 2 pizza crusts for dinner.


Dinner was good and the 3 kids ate almost an entire pizza. Afterword we had leftover cake. Pumpkin won it at a cake walk over the weekend w/ her Granny.  After that the girls were being crazy running around causing trouble.


Heath and Peanut went to a scouts meeting so I decided to get some exercise and help the girls burn off all the cake energy. I put on this 25 minute video and we got to work.



We jumped and did pushups and kicks and punches and all sorts of things. I used barbells and Pumpkin used plastic pineapples. She really had fun and was pretty serious about getting strong and stayed with it the whole time. Bean would join in for a little bit then run off to get some toys for a bit and come back.

By the end we were all worn out and got some water and pajamas on. I read to Bean and got her in bed then Pumpkin and I went down by the fireplace to read until her bedtime.

Heath and Peanut came home and Heath and I played on the computer while Peanut built legos and then we all went to bed.


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