Heath worked late, and I went out for drinks with friends after dinner so our night was pretty short but we got together for dinner.  I made “rice” by running a head of cauliflower through a greater.


I put it in a pan w/ a little water, soy sauce and a cream of chicken soup can and let it simmer.

In the other pan I tossed a bunch of leftover steak chunks and broccoli and carrots.


I made a 3rd pan w/ spicy stuff and veggies the kids don’t like and then added that to Heath’s and mine. It was all really good and we ended up w/ no leftovers.

We also ate the last of the cake walk cake. Then I helped get the girls in the bath.


Then I headed to the bar to talk and hang and have a few beers. I got home past bedtime and tossed a few logs in the fire and got in bed.



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