Dad’s Day

 1482774_10201234729654212_645356996_nI got up early, quickly got ready for work and went right in. I got there just in time to get 10 computers, 10 phones and a few other things set up before our membership drive started at 6am. It was a busy morning at work and I barely made it out at 11:15 to go to Izzy’s school.


She was already there watching a show with all the other afternoon preschoolers after I checked in. When it was time to go to her classroom she found me and was so excited. She immediately took my hand and started showing me what to do in preschool. She knows to go pick her job for the day first before all the good jobs are taken, then we hung our coats and backpack and she used a smartboard (giant touch screen computer) to move her name from home to school. Then we got to play with puzzles and books until all the kids had caught up.


It was dad’s day at her school and no one really knew what this meant but about 5-6 other dads made it to her class of 15 and lots of other dads were there w/ the other classes. We did a little check-in with the teacher Ms. Katie and then it was time for lunch. The kids spread out between two tables and got right to work. They eat family style and passed around the dishes of chicken patties, manderan oranges, corn and rolls. The kids even poured water from pitchers into their glasses. No teachers or parents told them to eat or put more corn on their plates or anything. It was very orderly. I was surprised to watch Izzy clear her plate and then take seconds.


Once she was full she asked to be excused, Ms. Katie said that was okay and Izzy cleared her plate, dumped the last of her milk in the sink and then put her dishes away.


She went right to the sink, got out her toothbrush and started brushing.


When she was done We went and sat criss cross on a special rug and waited for Ms. Katie and the other kids. Then they used the smart board to count how many kids where here and who was at home and they did predicted patterns and counted to 50 and did colors and sounds and even breathing techniques.

Once the class had everything figured out we got to play. We could play on our own or in groups and do anything we wanted. Izzy snagged the best toy and 2 friends and we started building our house.


These little magnetic tiles are awesome. The kids wanted to call me Chris not Izzy’s dad and we decided our house was going to be huge.


Once the house was as tall as the kids we took on several other builders. It was clear they had built a house before but when I put together a little roof they were really impressed.


I had to teach several of them how to do it. We even played around with some doors and windows before we made too many doors and house collapsed.

Our second house had a lot of experts and it went all over the place. Then an announcement came on saying all the dads had to go to the multipurpose room and leave the classroom.

We went and listened to a guy talk about how important dads are. He was pretty interesting and had some surprising stats and stuff plus we got some sandwiches. I thought we would get to go play with the kids some more but after our talk we had to go back to work.

It was a busy afternoon too and I didn’t make it out until almost 5. Instead of heading home I met up with Heath and all the kids at the playroom.


Bean and I set up a little restaurant ans she cooked foods in the oven and then put them on plates and cups and passed them out.


Peanut joined in once he saw us having fun. Heath and Izzy were building another house.

We cut our play short so we could get some dinner in before scouts. We went to Guadalajara Cafe to cash in a Groupon.


Izzy and I told everyone about our adventures and we had some great food (though smallish portions all around).


Heath and Peanut left once done eating and then the girls and I finished up and headed home. I stuck the girls right in the bath.


Once they were clean we got on pajamas and they played iPad while I got the woodstove loaded up.


Then I got Bean in bed and Izzy played games while I did some dishes and got things ready to come to work early again. Then Izzy and I read some books until bedtime.

I was ready too and got in bed and played on the laptop too. Heath and Peanut came home and got ready for bed too.

I know I used Izzy’s name, i’ll fix it later 🙂

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